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Learn how to make my Vegetarian Thai Red Curry. An easy vegetarian and vegan dinner recipe for beginners. It also makes for a great meatless Thanksgiving dinner idea too! Enjoy! xx

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Serves 6
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1 tbsp (15 ml) unflavored cooking oil
2 cups (475 ml) white onion, sliced into half-moons
1 garlic clove, minced
2 tsp (10 ml) grated ginger
4 tbsp (60 ml) red curry paste
3 (15-oz) cans full fat coconut milk (3 (398ml) cans)
2 tsp (10 ml) brown sugar
1 tsp salt (5 ml)
2 cups (475 ml) sweet potatoes cut into bite-sized half-moons or chunks
1 cup (240 ml) cauliflower florets
1 (15-0z) can garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed (1- 425g can)
1 cup kale (240 ml)

Red pepper flakes
Fresh cilantro, chopped

Heat oil in a large stockpot. Cook onions until fragrant, then add garlic and ginger. Cook for 1 minute until fragrant then add curry paste, cook stirring paste with the vegetables for 1 minute.

Whisk in coconut milk. The full-fat variety will have the cream risen to the top, no worries it will melt and combined once heated and stirred.

Add the brown sugar and salt. Then add the sweet potatoes. Allow to cook in the curry for 5-8 mins until tender. Then add the cauliflower, garbanzo beans, and kale. Cook until heated through and tender about 5 mins more.

Transfer to a large serving tureen. Garnish with red pepper flakes and fresh cilantro.

Serve alongside of brown rice. Enjoy!

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