[EN] Make your own leather passport wallet / cover with FREE PFD template !

canapé cuir

Follow all the steps to making your very own passport holder, cover or travel wallet our of leather.
Download the PDF template for free: https://decocuir.com/Files/26684/Passport-holder-DecoCuir-ENG.pdf
Discover Deco Cuir : http://www.decocuir.com/01JBC

Leather: http://www.decocuir.com/04JBC
Dye: http://www.decocuir.com/06JBC
Adraganth gum: http://www.decocuir.com/03JBC
Cutting mat: http://www.decocuir.com/07JBC
Neatsfoot oil: http://www.decocuir.com/05JBC
Edge beveler: http://www.decocuir.com/02JBC
Thread / Meisi M50 – CARAMEL : http://www.decocuir.com/08JBC
Edge creaser: http://www.decocuir.com/09JBC
Knife l’INDISPENSABLE by Vergez Blanchard : http://www.decocuir.com/10JBC


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