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Today’s episode is based on Faux Leather Pants !

Since my body type is pear shaped I was always conscious and scared to try on Faux Leather 🙂 My curvy friends out there would completely understand this ️.

However here are tips and tricks that I picked up :

1. Things to Remember while buying leather pants

While purchasing Faux Leather / Vegan Leather ensure that it does not feel cheap to the touch and indeed renders a luxe effect. These ones are from @hm – For my pear shaped girls out there – Size Up if you are ordering online

2. Should you be buying these from luxury brands? You need not break the bank on something that is seasonal – Particularly here in India since winter arrives for two gorgeous months here. That doesnt deny the fact that this is a wardrobe staple.

3. How to clean / wash faux leather pants?
To clean them – Never use hot water, always use cool / warm water, microfibre cloth and a mild detergent

4. How To store faux Leather Pants post winter?
Keep these away from the sun, you may coat them with a leather conditioner as well. Secondly, you may use a leather lotion ( I googled this bit – Will try and let you know on my stories in Feb ! )

5. Where & When can you wear them?
These definitely make a great party piece and you may style these to work as well with a blazer


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