#shorts Vegan Fashion DOES Exist!

blouson cuir

Fashion wise I always liked the look of leather, but when I went vegan 9 years ago I knew I couldn’t keep my leather items as it didn’t align with my values anymore.

Thankfully the vegan movement has grown since then and now there are awesome brands like @mattandnat and many other brands who are coming out with a cruelty free line.

For those of you who are new to veganism here are a few items for you to consider swapping: Bags, wallet, purses, watch bands, shoes boots, belts, skincare, supplements, gym equipment like belt and gloves, etc…

For those of you who are plant-based (Eating a plant-based lifestyle) vs vegan which includes eliminating any animal products for your household.

This isn’t an obligation, it’s a personal choice and for me it took me a while to transition everything over to vegan products.

I wanted to share that with you in case that is something you were considering but didn’t know were to start ️

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