We had no choice…HAD to make her a new wallet #leathercraft

sac femme en cuir

Leather: https://bit.ly/3jBzShy
Adhesive tape: https://bit.ly/3LkZrNr
Hand Press Rivet Setter: https://bit.ly/3LoP5MQ
Natural Brass Button Snaps(12.7mm): https://bit.ly/3yhLtag
Sewing machine: https://www.sailrite.com/Sewing-Machines/Industrial-Sewing-Machines/Sailrite-Fabricator-Sewing-Machine?a_aid=Whit-Park
Sewing machine leather kit: https://www.sailrite.com/Leather-Craft-Package-for-Fabricator?a_aid=Whit-Park

Congrats to Brandon Arlington for winning the giveaway! Thanks to everyone for commenting:) More to come


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